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English name: 2,6-Difluorobenzamide
English Synonyms: 2,6-二氟苯甲酰胺;2,6-Difluorobenzamide ;2,6-二氟苄胺
CAS NO.: 18063-03-1
Molecular Formula: C7H5F2NO
Molecular Weight: 157.117508649826
Product Details: 2,6-Difluorobenzamide≥99.5%
CAS Registry No. :[18063-03-1]
Description : 2,6-Difluorobenzamide is mainly used for the manufacture of Diflubenzuron.It can also be used for the manufacture of insecticideslufenuron、Etoxazole and some other products.   
Stability : Stable under normal storage conditions.
Physical Properties :
a、Appearance:white needle crystal
b、Boiling Point :187.7±30.0 °C at 760 mmHg
c、Density : 1.3±0.1 g/cm3
Specifications :
a、Moisture :≤0.1%
b、Purity (HPLC):≥99.5%
Packing : 25kg UN approved polylined Paper bag
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