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English name: Ethyl(R)- 2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propanoate
English Synonyms: (R)-(+)-2-(4-羟基苯氧基)丙酸乙酯;2-(4-羟基苯氧基)丙酸乙酯;R-(+)-2-(4-羟基苯氧基)丙酸乙酯
CAS NO.: 65343-67-1
Molecular Formula: C11H14O4
Molecular Weight: 210.226463794708
Product Details: Ethyl (R)-(+)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propionate
CAS NO:65343-67-1

Description : Ethyl (R)-(+)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propionate is mainly used for the manufacture of  fenoxaprop-P-ethyl.
Stability : Stable under normal storage conditions.
Specifications :
a、Appearance:Broen and ivory solid
b、Purity (HPLC):≥99.0%
c、e.e.% (HPLC):≥99.0%
d、Moisture (K.F.):≤0.5%
e、Impurity HQ(HPLC):≤0.5%
Packing : 200 kgUN approved polylined MS drums
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